BioAcousticsTM is for individuals of all ages searching for improved wellness.

BioAcousticsTM is the study of the energy and frequencies in our bodies and how they impact us in everyday life. BioAcousticsTM uses the voice to identify areas in stress within the body, and provides the complementary or supplementary frequencies to bring the body into balance. Therapy is administered by a portable device (Tone Box).

BioAcousticsTM is recommended when the need is demonstrated by the Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DEPT®) or when a specific wellness issue is of concern.

BioAcousticsTM research has discovered that voice analysis may be used to detect a variety of wellness issues. It is a complement to the diagnostic and treatment methodologies of medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, massage, music therapy, and nutrition. It has assisted physicians in the areas of: Arthritis, Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD), Autism, Bone Integrity, Chronic Pain, Down Syndrome, Emphysema, Epilepsy, Environmental Allergies, Heart Problems, Genetic Syndromes, Gout, High Blood Pressure, Mental Retardation, Multiple Sclerosis, Metal Toxicity, Structural Muscle Damage, and a wide variety of health issues.

BioAcousticsTM evaluations and programming are offered at The Davis Center in Succasunna, New Jersey. Once programmed, the Tone Box can be used at your convenience, anywhere.

Contact The Davis Center at 862-251-4637, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern Standard Time to schedule an evaluation. Or email

Sound-based therapies are not medical treatments. They do not cure or treat medical disease conditions. They work on supporting change in learning, development, and wellness. The Davis Center does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions; nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions; nor provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals or apply medical, mental health or human development principles beyond the scope of professional practice.

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